Day 156_2017 “Hello, can you hear me…”

Been a while since the last blog, so here’s the latest.

Paul , has settled into his new radio show nicely (Wednesdays from 7pm)

We’ve more radio voices on the way too, from local, to Australia , New Zeeland and Japan! AJK Radio really is locally worldwide.


Our fund raising push has got off the ground

This is our, part to bring more Autistic talent to the airwaves, by taking the tech to them. Please do dig down the back of the sofa and donate the loose change. Thank You.


The title of the blog, is linked to everything else I’ve just mentioned. Both Trevor and myself have been shouting “Hello, can you hear me, and testing ,testing one two three” quite a bit over the last few weeks as we evaluate LUCI Studio & LUCI Live – they have the possibilities to do what we need but it’s not free.


AS I write this LEEE John and Imagination launch their new album “Retropia” this Friday. AJK Radio has had exclusive play of the album with the back catalogue on the hour, every hour for several weeks and will continue to promote the album even after launch.

Every UK donation will get a free entry into a prize draw for a VIP Meet & Greet with LEEE at the Jazz CafĂ© London 28th July 2017. For those who can’t get there and are selected a Amazon Echo will be offered as an alternative prize. So get donating to enter.


Music it seems is the one calming and neutral ground that continues to bring people together, stirring memories and becoming etched into the soundtrack to our lives.


WE hit 1000 followers on Twitter recently , thank you to all who continue to be a part of the AJK Radio journey 17 months old and learning new tricks and tips, every day.


Turned out it’s been busier than I thought….


Thanks, as always for listening.