Day 263_2017 (Autumn)

Well that’s it, summer over for another year.

And the kids back at school (till October half term). Normal service is restored

So this is our second autumn of programming on AJK and I thought a few programming tweeks would be good over the coming weeks as we countdown to Christmas 2017!!

September 9th was my first sighting of a mince pie (didn’t get a chance to look at the expiry date, bet it was before 25/12…..

This obsession with shops starting earlier it seems each year takes the shine off of the whole Christmas Experience.

Having said that, as a radio station we have a certain amount of planning ahead, but you have the core Christmas classics which don’t really change and it’s more a top up of newer artists putting their spin on the Christmas Turkey tunes.

As the year races on into the distance, the planning for what we want to acheive in 2018 is brought into focus, bit like a new year resolution list…bit early for that though.

As always thanks for listening, and supporting the station.

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Stay warm, safe and don’t forget to take us with you 🙂

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