Day 126_2017 “Retropia” pre launch

Another week draws to a close, and a busy, and at sometimes frustrating one for AJK Radio.

I.T issues continued to plague the studio this week, so much so I went back to using Windows 7

My voice tracking presenters have had to suffer too, with RVT (remote voice tracking) being unavailable during the down time.

One a more positive note….

Leee John has recorded some voice overs for the station, and we’ve EXCLUSIVE pre launch play of the NEW album ‘Retropia”

To top all that, last wednesday I chatted to Leee for 45 minutes about music and the new album… as my first music interview, it didn’t have a dull fixed format of questions Leee has heard 1000 times before. in fact I came away as if I’d just caught up with an old friend.

Please do pre order the album, It is proper music, an album you will want to listen to time and time again.

For exclusive tracks from the album Leee is our “Artist on the Hour” throughout May, and the back catalougue of Leee’s work with Imagination is also showcased.

As always , thanks for listening, following and sharing





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