Day 119_2017 Not an Illusion

Been a busy few weeks since I last blogged.

I.T issues due to the station being online 24/7 that means the computers running the station have been giving me sleepless nights.

The Studio PC in particular haas been giving me problems of late however….

for the geeks amoung us, Broadcast Radio are working on V5 of their Myriad Playout software, we went live with a preview on the studio machine last week to overcome issues of V4 just conking out on us mid broadcast (compter related, not the software)

On a side not we have v4 working on a MAC!! via Parallels, and it’s more reliable than it’s windows counterpart (go figure)

Our latest presenter Paul Beavis goes from strength to strength with his show Weds 7-9pm (GMT)

The BIGGEST news is (drumroll please)

Leee John of Imagination has asked AJK Radio to promote his new album “Retropia” out on June 9th 2017

Listen out as Leee is our Artist on the Hour, EVERY hour for May, and you might just hear a track or two from the new album

Head over to our website to pre order the album


As always thanks for listening…. until next time




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