Day 21/2017 -New Shows & Catch-Up

Been a bit quiet on the social front since we entered the New Year and all that.

There has however, been lots of behind the scenes work going on.

AJK Radio is now on Sound Cloud AND Mix Cloud, on these two sites you’ll hear us with the previous show / or shows available to rewind and listen to at your leisure , please follow, like and share these two new channels 🙂

Starting on Sunday 22nd January @ 16.00 (GMT) we air our first syndicated venture.


Airplay40 is the Top 40 songs, compiled from station airplay on FM and Online radio stations worldwide.

The chart, broadcast on dozens of stations features only the music you have been listening to, and is a reflecton on what is hot, and what is not in the music world.

The charts on a Sunday afternoon were very much a staple of my childhood, hope you enjoy this exciting new part of the station

“Thanks for listening, until next time…”


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