Social online observations

AJK Radio is a station that is solely online. Unfortunately this throws up its own challenges.
In order for the station to continue to run I need to have a presence online that people can relate to.
I currently use the following platforms

Blogging this very WordPress site, creative writing is a new experience for me and hopefully over time these will pass on information and article that you the listener will want to share.
Social sites Facebook, using my existing friends as a base they are my call to action when there are live shows “Ajk Radio”

Periscope is the latest trend for interaction with my listeners in realtime, they can see the studio and presenter but not the other way.

Twitter, more immediate as this is real time information, currently the ‘now playing’ information is the main feed on this account ajk_radio

What the social online scene has taught me so far is that I need to provide more information more consistently


To blog or not to blog…..

October 2015 was the last time I put virtual ink to virtual paper, saying a hobby was become reality.

We are at the end of April 2016, and a lot has happened in these four months.

September 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend and a trip to PSquared to look at the equipment options

October / November 2015

As the kit arrives, the studio starts to take shape

This was not without problems along the way. From incompatible cabling, and internet plugins not pushing information where it was suposed to go

December 2015

Test broadcasts later and AJK Radio launched Christmas Day 2015!!