I have a dream….

….sang ABBA

and music can form a¬†soundtrack to someones’s life.

The memorable song on a wedding day, the song playing when you acheived something special.

Everybody can relate to music.

For me it started as a small boy, Boney M 45’s James Last LP (from my Nan) – just in those two examples there is diversity in musical styles.

As the singles and LP collection grew, i discovered Radio 1 and the TOP 40 countdown, Bruno Brooks, Richard Skinner, every Sunday without fail c120 blank tape top capture the latest hits and guess when to hit pause before Bruno or Richard crossed the endings

From there I moved onto Breakfast show listening Capital 95.8 and Chris Tarrant getting through the mornings into work.

Technology from the eighties to what was now the mid noughts had changed so much that 20 different things i was used to doing at home I was now carrying around in my pocket on a smart phone.

How cool it would be to broadcast on radio……

to be continued……