05/12/2016 show listing

Missed the show? Here’s the Track Listing
December will be magic again KATE BUSH

Africa TOTO

Ain’t no doubt JIMMY NAIL

One day at a time LENA MARTELL

Take a chance on me ABBA

House of fun MADNESS


What Christmas means to me CE LO GREEN


We own it CHAINZ

Turn it on again GENESIS 

Driving home for Christmas CHRIS REA


Thank God it’s Christmas QUEEN

Chosen few DOOLEYS


Cheasnuts roasting CELINE DION

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Dash thru the Decades 30/09/2016

Today’s show listing – thanks for listening 

and if you missed it……

Don’t stop till you get enough – Michael Jackson

Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi

Rock DJ – Robbie Williams

Roar – Katy Perry

God Only Knows – Beach Boys

Mamma Mia – ABBA

Take on me – A-Ha

She looks so fine – 5 Seconds of Summer

Jumping Jack Flash – Rolling Stones

Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

How can we be lovers – Michael Bolton

Just the way you are (amazing) – Bruno Mars

Reach out – Four Tops

Silver Lady – David Soul

Quit play games – Backstreet Boys

Rolling in the deep – Adele

Great week for new music

Last Sunday at 18.00 GMT, AJK Radio launched a new feature.

Artist on the Hour – every hour, for a whole week.

2207700_origMeet Tom Solomon, pictured, he approached the station via Twitter to see if we were interested in playing a few songs. He sent over four.

Alex, Founder of AJK Radio was so chuffed someone had enquired accepted, but told Tom 4 songs over one 24 hour period would turn 6 times. AS good as the songs were, Alex didn’t want the sation to sound like any other station playing the same 5 tunes over and over.

Tom, said we were in luck, they were part of an album, a DOUBLE album no less of 28 top classical crossovers with his unique take on each one.

It was set, the whole album, set for the week on the hour. Tom was our first Artist of the Hour.

What has unfolded over the last 7 days, had me (and Tom) on the edge of our seats.

Using the power of social media, we both set about spreading the word, Tom was on the radio.

So how did he do?

Friday New Charts released – Tom #1 iTunes Classical Chart

And at time of writing this #4 iTunes Vocal Album Chart.

Tom, thank you for allowing AJK Radio on the journey, (it’s only just started)

You can continue to hear Tom’s New Album “Beautiful Day” on AJK Radio “Classical Comforts” show on Sunday Mornings.

If you’d like to feature as our next Artist of the Hour, send us a message via our Twiiter page ajk_radio.



Social media never sleeps

It’s 1am in the morning and I’m typing this update.

In the last 12 hours I have had my eyes opened wide as too how much you get absorbed into having an online presence that is not automated and proves to you followers / likers that your medium is the one they should be interacting with.

AJk Rafio is world wide online and broadcasts 24/7 so I signed my own exile from life when I took the social scene in hand.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday at about 12.30 I called my radio mate Justin as he was offering his knowledge of social media, there are recognised qualifications in this apparently.

At that time of the call I had 249 followers since starting Christmas Day last year. Not bad I though.

“I’ll add 20 by the end of the day” came Justin’s offer. I obliged him with the details and waited in anticipation.

Justin promised genuine followers and at this stage testing my waters.

As I took to write this my followers is sitting at 332….

If I find out any best practices, I’ll pass them on.

The challenge for me now is to interact, entertain and keep what will become my listener base for the station.

Suddenly 24 hours in a day just doesn’t seem enough

Social online observations

AJK Radio is a station that is solely online. Unfortunately this throws up its own challenges.
In order for the station to continue to run I need to have a presence online that people can relate to.
I currently use the following platforms

Blogging this very WordPress site, creative writing is a new experience for me and hopefully over time these will pass on information and article that you the listener will want to share.
Social sites Facebook, using my existing friends as a base they are my call to action when there are live shows “Ajk Radio”

Periscope is the latest trend for interaction with my listeners in realtime, they can see the studio and presenter but not the other way.

Twitter, more immediate as this is real time information, currently the ‘now playing’ information is the main feed on this account ajk_radio

What the social online scene has taught me so far is that I need to provide more information more consistently

To blog or not to blog…..

October 2015 was the last time I put virtual ink to virtual paper, saying a hobby was become reality.

We are at the end of April 2016, and a lot has happened in these four months.

September 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend and a trip to PSquared to look at the equipment options

October / November 2015

As the kit arrives, the studio starts to take shape

This was not without problems along the way. From incompatible cabling, and internet plugins not pushing information where it was suposed to go

December 2015

Test broadcasts later and AJK Radio launched Christmas Day 2015!!




I have a dream….

….sang ABBA

and music can form a¬†soundtrack to someones’s life.

The memorable song on a wedding day, the song playing when you acheived something special.

Everybody can relate to music.

For me it started as a small boy, Boney M 45’s James Last LP (from my Nan) – just in those two examples there is diversity in musical styles.

As the singles and LP collection grew, i discovered Radio 1 and the TOP 40 countdown, Bruno Brooks, Richard Skinner, every Sunday without fail c120 blank tape top capture the latest hits and guess when to hit pause before Bruno or Richard crossed the endings

From there I moved onto Breakfast show listening Capital 95.8 and Chris Tarrant getting through the mornings into work.

Technology from the eighties to what was now the mid noughts had changed so much that 20 different things i was used to doing at home I was now carrying around in my pocket on a smart phone.

How cool it would be to broadcast on radio……

to be continued……